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About Inola

Area Overview

Inola is located in Rogers CountyOklahomaUnited States. The town population in 2014 was 1,824, a 2% increase in just four years from 1,788 at the 2010 census.  While Inola appears to be a small town, most Inola area residents live outside of town on properties ranging between 1 and 20 acres in size.  This has lead the Inola zipcode (74036) population to be 6,433.

Inola is located at the southern tip of Rogers County, less than thirty minutes from almost any major intersection in Tulsa and less than twenty minutes from the county seat of Claremore.  It is now considered a bedroom community for Tulsa and is included in the Tulsa Metropolitan Statistical Area (TMSA).   Inola is situated in the perfect geographic location for growth because of its easy access to highway/interstates, railroads and the Verdigris Navigational Channel, as well as a quick transit to the Tulsa International Airport.  Inola has a variety of local restaurants known for their fantastic home cooking.  Inola has been considered the "Hay Capitol of the World" for many years because of the high quality of Bluestem Prairie hay grown in the many hay fields surrounding the town of Inola.  While many living in the area do not participate in farming or ranching, the agricultural activities do give you regular opportunity to see tractors, haying equipment, and trucks and trailers filled with cattle.  We are fortunate that the neighboring Amish community in Chouteau is part of the Inola area.  Many Amish children go to school in Inola and you often will see Amish tractors at the area stores or on the roads or Amish families attending school or community events. It is an honor to be part of their community.

Inola is also the home the Mike Fuller's Auto & Gas Museum


This one-of-a-kind museum is a secret that needs to be visited; it's found only in the heart of Inola.


Summerlin Industrial Park

Hay Days Parade


Inola River / Rail Industrial Park

Inola Monthly Auction

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