Inola River/Rail Industrial Park

Larges Lots w/ Roads, River & Rail

Located on the site of the once planned Black Fox power plant,

the Inola River/Rail Industrial Park is unique in that it provides not only the opportunity for extremely large tracts of land already zoned for heavy industrial, but also provides easy or on-premise access to highways (US-412, Highway 88, and nearby I-44 Interstate), rail access through an on-site rail spur and partnership with Union Pacific, and water access to the Verdigris Navigational Channel with an on-site barge slip. 


With the Inola River/Rail Industrial Park, there are over 1000 acres zoned for up to I-4 Heavy Industrial that are perfect for larger manufacturing or distribution plants requiring up to several hundred acres.  this location provides a variety of lot sizes with easy access to rail and the neighboring Verdigris Navigational Channel.  


The park is owned by AEP/PSO and actively marketed by PSO, Rogers County Development and the Tulsa and Inola Chambers of Commerce.  This 1,000+ acre AEP Quality Site is an excellent location for large-scale industrial users in need of onsite rail and river access and strong electrical infrastructure.


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